Just a twin mummy, venturing into the world of eco-conscious living.

Hi, I’m Alex! I’m a twin mum with a goal of living a greener, more sustainable family life. When I first found out I was pregnant with my twins, I started to realise just how much waste we were capable of producing, so started to make eco swaps throughout our daily lives. Almost three years on, family life is much more earth conscious and I’ve found a wonderful community of like-minded people online!

I’ve written lots about our journey with using cloth nappies, but also like to write about other aspects of mum life and green living. I work closely with some wonderful ethical companies (including Babipur) and sometimes write for other publications. If you want me to write something on twin mumming or green living for your blog or magazine, please just get in touch! You can follow us on Instagram for regular updates if you’re interested in what we’re up to and what we’re loving at the minute!

Occasionally, among the green living and twin mum related posts, I write about other things. Over the years I’ve become quite passionate about ethical chocolate and ethical plus size clothes (or the lack of), so I do tend to write about these topics a fair bit. Aside from being a mum, I love exploring new places, history, art, and culture, so there’s a spattering of that throughout this blog!

If you’re interested in hiring me for copywriting, media management, or VA services, please click here for more information.