Alexandra Chadderton Services


I have held various roles in copywriting, media management, & digital marketing over the past ten years and have accumulated a wealth of experience in these fields. I have worked with many companies, both big and small, to help improve reach and / or sales, with great success. My background in journalism and Masters degree in multimedia journalism has equipped me with fantastic SEO knowledge, in addition to practical web design and coding skills. Since leaving the teaching profession to look after my young twins, I have focused on developing my social media and digital marketing skills, and have enjoyed making sure my work is of the highest quality for happy clients! 

At present, I manage social media and write copy for bloggers and content creators, and provide digital marketing material for some fabulous ethical retailers and small local businesses. My books are always open for more clients and I’m more than happy to discuss rates and ideas. 


Over the past ten years, I have written for The Big Issue North and Multiple Matters magazines, as well as many smaller publications, both print and online. I regularly shadow write articles for bloggers and content creators and am happy to provide writing samples for potential new clients. Please feel free to explore the articles on this website to see writing samples from my personal blog.


If you are a blogger or small business, then you might be interested in my media management packages. I can offer a wide range of services including content creation, media strategy, and complete management of social channels. Social media is a wonderful way of letting people know about you and what you offer – it can help to grow your reach and sales significantly and I can lend you a hand with your Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

Every client is different, so I work out monthly packages based around what you need and what your budget is. Prices start at £100pm. The following are examples of some of my most popular packages.