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3 inexpensive eco stocking fillers for toddlers

3 inexpensive eco stocking fillers for toddlers

We celebrated the twins’ second birthday, and now I’ve gone straight into Christmas mode! I have a few things stashed away for their main presents, but have been thinking about a couple of little toys to put in stockings.

I’m only going to get them one or two small things each for their stockings, as they already have a huge amount of toys, and I don’t want to overwhelm them! I know this is the opposite of what lots of parents decide to do, but just having a couple of gifts worked very well for the twins’ birthday so I’m running with it.

These are the things I have in mind at the moment – all lovely ethical things that won’t cost the earth!

  1. Lanke Kade – starting at £2.50

Lanke Kade figures are brilliant – they’re chunky and designed for stacking. They come in all kinds of designs – there are loads of animals and people to choose from, as well as seasonal element figures like pumpkins, Christmas trees, and scenery.

2. Grimm’s sorting mushroom game – £8.94

I bought my son the Grimm’s sorting mushroom game in the pastel colour way for his birthday last month, and it’s been such a hit that I think I might get him the bright version for Christmas. At £8.94 it’s a total steal for a Grimm’s set, and while the pieces are designed for sorting and balancing, the little mushroom pieces can be used in loads of other ways! Someone told me this week that the mushroom tops make excellent spinners!

3. Mader spinning top – starting at £4.50

Mader spinners are amazing fun and come in different sizes and difficulties. We have the tree spinner which is stunning, but there are so many others that I want us to try out! If you want to go all out, you could get a Mader spinning plate too.

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