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A family holiday in Wales: a saga

A family holiday in Wales: a saga

I’ll preface this by saying we are all now safe and dry!

  1. We arrived in the little Welsh village we’re staying in, and I directed us down a little road that seemed to correspond with the directions for our holiday cottage. The road quickly turned into a track which then narrowed into a footpath. We had definitely gone wrong and decided to turn around. With Dolwyddelan Castel on one side, the only place we could turn was a grassy pasture.
  2. The grassy pasture was, in fact, a bog. It didn’t take us long to become completely stuck in the mud. We proceeded to spend the next half an hour trying to unstick the car every way we (and Google) knew how, but ultimately just made matters worse.
  3. Light was starting to fade and the storm was picking up. With the twins starting to get cold, I rang the owner of the cottage to see if he had any suggestions. He gave us directions that sounded like it’d only take us a few minutes to walk to the cottage, so we loaded up the buggy with the twins and as much stuff as we could, and decided to abandon the car until tomorrow.
  4. It turns out the cottage man must have thought we were somewhere slightly different, as his directions took us in the opposite direction to where we needed to be. With less than 5% phone power and cold twins, we decided to knock onto the first house we found with lights on for better directions.
  5. By the time we found a house with signs of life, we were all soaked through and looked a sorry state. The poor lady that answered the door must have had quite a shock when she saw us!
  6. We were invited inside to warm up by the kindest stranger in the world. She gave us tea and freshly baked cake while we all dried off and calmed down – then she helped us work out where we needed to be.
  7. She helped us get to our final destination, but we had to leave the buggy behind. Another problem for tomorrow!
  8. Our cottage is absolutely gorgeous, which is probably a good thing because we are now stuck here with no car and no buggy! 😂 we also have no dry clothes so are all sporting blanket togas.
  9. I will be sending the kind lady the biggest bunch of flowers imaginable.

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