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A reflection on Plastic Free July 

A reflection on Plastic Free July 

Somehow, we are already nearing the end of Plastic Free July. This month has absolutely flown by, and while I had grand plans of sharing lots about some of my favourite plastic free products, and trying some new brands, things simply haven’t gone to plan. 

I was ill at the start of the month, and then what was supposed to be a week long trip to visit my mum in the south turned into three weeks away! While I’ve not managed to do quite what I intended this month, my trip has got me to reflect on my plastic free swaps and think about Plastic Free July in a different way!

Although I had packed generously for the trip and have everything that I need, I have found myself missing a lot of my every day plastic free products from home. I wouldn’t have minded being without my eco coconut scrubber or reusable baking sheet for a month, but three weeks without them is annoying as I consider them kitchen essentials! It’s been a reminder that these items are great not only because they’re plastic free, but because they actually work more effectively for me anyway! 

I’ve had a similar experience with bathroom products – my travel wash bag has old hotel bottles of shampoo, body wash, and moisturizer that I keep for nights away rather than throwing them out when leaving a hotel that’s provided them. They’re great for short trips, but I’ve now reached the point where I’m craving my usual products, and I think my hair and skin are too as neither feels as soft as usual!! 

I use EcoLiving solid shampoo, Lamazuna solid cleanser, Shower Blocks solid shower gel, and Lani night serum, and cannot wait to get back to using them all! 

The next thing to mention is plastic free periods! Having extended my trip by an extra two weeks, it now coincides with my period, which I wasn’t planning on! I visited some high street shops and had a look at what’s on the shelves, but I just couldn’t bring myself to buy anything. After using a menstrual cup and cloth sanitary pads for over 5 years, I don’t really want to have to buy anything different, especially as everything seems to come in lots of unnecessary packaging! I decided to place a little Babipur order to sort myself out with a few plastic free period essentials while I’m away from home instead. It may have cost more than the high street alternatives, but the new cup and cloth sanitary pads are all plastic free, and will be useful for many years to come! I’ve learnt a lesson here – ALWAYS be period prepared! 

Thankfully, I brought a handful of the twins’ favourite wooden toys with us for the trip and that’s sufficed on the toy front. Plastic toys are something that I’m happy to buy second hand, but really really try to avoid buying new wherever possible – and I’ve done well with this so far! 

Another thing that I’m glad I brought with me is my Klean Kanteen. I actually brought two – a 16oz, and a tumbler, and I’ve been using both every day. Since I’ve been out and about with the twins a lot, I dread to think how many plastic drinks bottles I would have caved in and bought if I hadn’t of brought my KKs with me! They really are a brilliantly easy plastic-free swap and they have certainly saved me from buying loads of single use plastic! 

I’ll leave it there, but this trip has definitely made me think about the plastic free products I really appreciate in my every day life! It’s an interesting reflection, and it’s made me realise that I’ve made a lot of valuable swaps in the last few years. 

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