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An Evening Walk

An Evening Walk

Since starting to work from home, I have been getting out of the house a lot less than I used to. I reflected on this a bit yesterday and it made me sad as I really love being outside, surrounded by nature. I’ve been feeling pretty sluggish in recent months, so decided to do something about it and get outside. 

The twins were in bed and my husband was settled on his laptop, so I threw on some clothes (since I tend to live in PJs a lot) and headed out. My intention was just to walk round the park, but I ended up walking round the park and then to the shop and back – it felt good. 

I was able to take my shoes off and feel the grass between my toes. I could breathe deeply and feel the fresh air filling my lungs. I popped my headphones in and then kept my phone in my pocket apart from taking a few photos – I spend so much time looking at screens during the day that it was lovely to have some screen free time. 

I found a couple of little paths that I’ve never explored before. Usually when I’m in the park, I’ve got the twins in their buggy, so not everywhere is accessible. This was the perfect chance to look for new areas that I wouldn’t usually be able to access. I ended up finding a woodland area full of pinecones where I stopped for a few minutes. I stood still and watched the woodland around me, it was quite therapeutic. 

As I walked back home through the opposite side of the park, I took my time and watched the birds flitting about above my head. The light was starting to go by this time, and the birds seemed to be having one last hurrah before settling down for the night. I saw robins and swallows, and marvelled at the way their wings look as they fly. 

In all, I wasn’t out of the house for very long, but I think my little walk was good for mind, body, and soul. I’m aiming to go out again tonight for another little walk, and who knows what I will see today!

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