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Dr Zigs Bubbles – A Review

Dr Zigs Bubbles – A Review

When I think of bubbles, I imagine those little cylindrical plastic pots that used to be dished out in children’s party bags. A lot of fun, but the bubbles were small and usually popped pretty quickly. 

Well, I’ll be the first to admit that Dr Zigs bubbles have completely knocked those associations out of the park. Firstly, Dr Zigs, is an eco friendly brand which makes me very happy indeed, and they’re also UK based! 

Dr Zigs bubble mix is unlike any bubble mix I’ve ever come across before. It’s thick and seriously gloopy – it comes concentrated and you dilute it yourself (although there is a ready mixed version you can go for)… the instructions on the pot say 1:10 bubble mix to warm water, and after measuring out my first lot very precisely, my measuring abilities wavered and it was a lot more vague. Luckily for me, it still worked brilliantly. 

We first tried out mixture out on a damp day with a slight breeze – it was actually a bit miserable but this seemed to be ideal bubble making conditions! I loaded up both twins and a tupperware pot of bubble mix into the buggy and popped over to the park. After finding a quiet spot and letting the toddlebeasts loose, I dunked my bubble wand into the mix and simply held it up to the sky. I have the ‘lots of bubbles’ wand, and sure enough, within seconds, there were lots of bubbles! The wind did most of the work for me, and all I really needed to do was stand there. 

Both twins loved watching the bubbles float around, and after a while they started chasing them too – all brilliant for me to watch! 

I only made up a bit of mixture but it kept us entertained for at least half an hour, and we must have made thousands of bubbles. Watching them float off into the distance was quite magical, and I was thrilled that the bubbles lasted so long before popping! 

If you’re after a really light summer activity for lots of fun for all ages, get some Dr Zigs!! 

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