Eco Friendly Coffee Pods from Halō

Eco Friendly Coffee Pods from Halō

I’ve been on a mission to find eco friendly and ethical coffee pods that will work in Nespresso machines for a little while now. As much as enjoy using my Nespresso machine, the company have too many questionable ethical standards for me to feel comfortable with giving them more money for coffee pods! I wrote all about my thoughts on the matter here

Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods from Halō

Halō very kindly gifted me some samples to try which was amazing, because their pods are incredibly earth-friendly as well as being delicious. You only have to click around on the Halō site for a few minutes to really register how wonderfully conscious the brand is – they have a dedicated blog which explores issues relating to compostable packaging, sustainability, and recycling. I recommend everyone has a look at some of the posts, they are both interesting and informative! 

As soon as I got the package from Halō through the post, I was hit by the most magnificent smell of coffee. Upon opening the outer box, I saw the totally compostable packaging within which made me smile. There are other companies that are taking steps towards making their pods greener, but still have a way to go with their packaging. Halō however, have totally nailed it. 

I tried out the HONDURAS single origin and HALO NOIR bespoke blend pods, and both were delightful. I have explained here before, but I am not a coffee expert in any way, shape, or form, but I love a milky coffee at any time of day! You can find full flavour profiles on the website pages, along with a strength scale for each option. 

The pods themselves are made from a waste product of the sugar-cane industry and worked seamlessly in my Nespresso machine – they are also fully compostable. While there are other compostable pods on the market, I’ve never seen any that specifically say they are ‘home compostable’. Other companies rely on their pods being put into local authority food waste caddies from which they can be taken and then composted under very specific conditions that aren’t possible to replicate at home. The Halō pods will totally break down in a regular compost heap or bin, making them a particularly wonderful option for any keen gardeners. 

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