Egg Dying – the ultimate Easter craft

Egg Dying – the ultimate Easter craft

Babipur kindly sent me an ÖkoNorm egg dyeing kit a few months ago, and I finally got round to trying it last week. 

The kit came with five small packets of dye but I only had four eggs to work with, so I chose three colours to try, and put the others away for a rainy day! I used red, purple, and green, for reference. 

The whole process was very straightforward from beginning to end and I’m confident that a child could be involved if they were closely supervised. All I had to do was empty my packet of dye into a saucepan of water, wait for it to boil, add my egg, and then watch it change colour! 

I decided to blow my eggs before I started so I was working with hollow shells. This meant they floated on the top, so I basted them to ensure they all got an even coverage of dye!

The final eggs came out with some lovely muted Earth tones and I decided to turn them into hanging decorations. This was easily achieved with the help of some twine and my glue gun. The whole process of dying the eggs and then adding the twine for hanging took less than half an hour and was satisfying to do. 

Come Easter Sunday, my four dyed eggs were happily hanging on a twig tree I’d cobbled together and popped on my dining table. The egg decorations were a really nice touch and I’ll be doing more next year, although I’ll make sure I’ve got more than four eggs in!

I’ve seen lots of uses for dyed eggs this week, which makes this a wonderfully versatile Easter craft for children to get involved with! I’ve seen egg shell collages, wreaths, and even candles! The possibilities seem to be endless!

As with everything available from Babipur, this egg dye kit is ethically sourced. This is a huge bonus for me when it comes to buying anything, so I would totally recommend having a look to see if any other craft kits and art materials from Babipur tickle your fancy! 


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