Five brilliant gifts to get for someone who is expecting

Five brilliant gifts to get for someone who is expecting

Before I had my own children, I assumed that giving an expectant parent baby clothes and cute toys was the done thing. Now, having been through pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester, I can honestly say that however lovely, those were the last things I needed. I was very lucky to receive some amazing gifts, many of which were things I’d never previously considered but made my life much easier. 

Unless someone specifically asks for clothes and toys, why not consider getting them one of these things instead. I know these are the things I want for my next pregnancy!

Gift idea 1: Food

I ended up having my twins via Caesarean section and I was off my feet for a while. This, combined with general fatigue and everything else that comes with looking after newborns meant that cooking was the last thing on my mind. 

If you live nearby, you could make some home cooked meals to take round. If you’re a bit further away then consider a takeaway voucher or even a whole grocery shop. My friend’s mum organised a an ASDA grocery delivery full of ready meals and tasty snacks to come to my house the day I got home from hospital, and it was AMAZING not having to worry about food for a week or so! 

After a few weeks, my mum gifted me a subscription to some recipe boxes (I think we got Hello Fresh ones, but we’ve had Gousto before which are also great). Being able to cook nourishing meals with fresh ingredients was fantastic, and the fact that everything I needed was delivered to my door and ready portioned made it manageable while navigating newborn motherhood! 

Gift idea 2: Time 

For the first week of motherhood, I was in a bubble and everything was bliss. After that, the fatigue started kicking in and there were times when I was definitely in survival mode. When you get to this point, having a helping hand is one of the greatest gifts that could possibly given. 

My wonderful friend Alison came over a couple of times and looked after the babies for me downstairs while I showered and napped. It was heavenly! If you’re in a position to offer help, even for half an hour, please do – it’ll make a big difference!

Gift idea 3: A few quid for a cleaner fund

I had never thought about this one before my siblings organised it for me, but it makes perfect sense. As I said before, I was off my feet for a while, and after that, keeping the house clean was pretty low priority with two newborns and a severe lack of sleep! 

If there’s a group of you willing to chip in, then this is a really valuable one to do, although obviously check your recipient is happy to have a cleaner! 

I was recommended a brilliant local cleaner who charges £25 a session and comes once a fortnight. Just one or two sessions can make a big difference to someone who’s heavily pregnant or in the fourth trimester though! 

Gift idea 4: A care package

Put together some of the expectant mother’s favourite things. She will need pampering much more than the new baby! Whether that’s tasty chocolate, a scented candle, or something nice for the shower, it’s sure to bring a smile to her face!

Gift idea 5: A voucher 

A bit boring, perhaps, but very much appreciated!! Lots of mums have very distinct ideas about what they want their baby to wear or play with, so just get them a voucher so they can choose some things for themself! Bonus points if it’s a voucher for somewhere where they can pop something in the order for themselves too! If you’re stuck for ideas then a supermarket voucher can go a long way, or Babipur. Babipur sell loads of amazing ethically sourced and green goodies for babies and parents alike – I actually buy almost everything from there now seeing they sell such a wide range of stuff (don’t believe me? Go and have a look!)…   

And there it is, my alternative gift suggestions. Please add any other useful ideas in the comments – I would love to hear suggestions from others!! 

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