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My latest bathroom eco swap – a Mühle razor

My latest bathroom eco swap – a Mühle razor

I’m sure this will be horrifying to many people, but I hardly ever shave anywhere on my body. After my teen years being spent thinking that I needed to be dolphin levels of smooth at all times, I stopped bothering to remove body hair because it’s something I’m really indifferent about, so why waste the time and effort!? 

The only part of me I shave is my legs, and that’s exclusively because I have some fantastic leg tattoos that I like to show off. Naturally, I have very thick, dark hair that obscures some of the tattoo detail, so shaving is a great way of displaying my tats in their full glory. 

Up until now, my once-every-three-months leg shaving routine has consisted of disposable razors, but it was time to make the swap to a plastic free alternative! 

I now have a stainless steel Mühle safety razor, and am very happy with it. The most basic Mühle razor comes in at over £30, and seeing as that’s about a 300% mark up, I made sure to do my research first to check what I was in for. 

There are a lot of cations out there for men using these razors on sensitive body parts (need I say more?) but generally, all the women talking about them have had great results, so I opted for the simple stainless steel Mühle. 

Firstly, it looks sleek and stylish (I never thought I’d be saying that about a razor, but here we are) and the patterned handle is useful for grip when you have wet hands. It’s got a nice weight to it – something you obviously don’t get with cheap disposable razors, but it makes the whole shaving experience feel really quite luxurious! 

I had to double check the instructions to make sure I was putting the blade in the right way round a few times, but once I’d got it right it was plain sailing. I’d read reviews saying how light handed you can be with these razors to get the best results, so I started off by just barely gliding over my leg, and it did the job – you hardly need any pressure at all! 

This razor gave me a lovely close shave and I’m thrilled that this will last me forever – no more plastic disposables! 

It’s also worth noting that replacement blades come cheap, and the razor itself is rust proof – winning factors for me!

If you want to have a look, you can check out the range of Mühle razors here

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