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My purchase of 2020 – Close Parent Play Mat

My purchase of 2020 – Close Parent Play Mat

Happy New Year!

2020 was the year that I was welcomed into the green parenting community and lifestyle. I bought a number of really wonderful things to support me in my journey, and I’m very proud to say that I also bought some of our best things second hand too! 

A few people have asked me what my top buy was, and it’s actually quite tricky to pick… when my twins were about five months old, someone fairly local to me was selling one of the large (and usually very pricey) wooden Grimm’s puzzle sets at an absolute bargain price. I wasn’t sure if the set would get much use to begin with but was certain it would be great as the babies got older. As it happened, it was incredibly well-loved from the very beginning. It would seem that knocking over towers of blocks is a fantastic game, as is waving the colourful pieces around! 

Our stash of cloth nappies is another purchase that I’ve been very happy with. I have a set of 24, some of which are pre-loved, and our cloth nappy usage is something I’m very proud of. Our collection has gorgeous designs from a few different brands, and we have got on very well with them all from the beginning – I’ve written about this quite a lot before

Despite our Grimm’s puzzle and nappies being great, there is something that I’ve bought that has surpassed all expectations; my Close Parent play mat. It sounds fairly straight forward, but it has proved itself to be so much more than just a play mat. 

Tummy Time on the mat!

Our first outings with our new mat were lovely – it was spring, and the twins were able to have some tummy time outside in the park! Before too long they learned how to sit up independently, and they enjoyed sitting on the mat to watch the world around them. 

Making weaning easier with the Close Parent Play Mat

Next came our weaning adventures, and a lot of accompanying summer picnics. As it happens, the wipe clean side of the play mat makes it an excellent picnic blanket. It’s worth mentioning, too, that it’s big enough to fit both twins and me on it, and I’m not small! Any food spillages that can’t easily be wiped up are simple to deal with, as the mat is machine washable!

Play mat, or snuggly blanket!?

We continued picnicking on our beloved mat well into autumn, and when the weather finally drove us indoors for lunches, the play mat continued to be of immense use! The underneath is fleecy, making it incredibly snuggly, and thus an effective blanket! The wipe clean side is waterproof, too, so it’s shower resistant! I have been caught in the rain a handful of times with no waterproof buggy cover, but the play mat makes a great alternative! 

Just before Christmas, we had driven to collect something, and the car broke down on the way home. The twins weren’t dressed for outdoors as they were never going to be leaving the car, but when roadside rescue arrived, they said everyone needed to get out! Thankfully, I had my trusty mat in the car and I was able to wrap the twins up until we were back on the road. 

Now, our play mat comes with us everywhere! I’m eyeing up one of the gorgeous new designs too, so I can keep another one in the car. 

If anyone has wondered about getting themselves one of the Close Parent play mats, I urge you to go for it – ours has had more use than I ever imagined, and is much loved.

We got ours from Babipur, and there’s a great range on the website.

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