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Piccalilly Clothes!

Piccalilly Clothes!

The lovely team from Babipur sent me some Piccalilly clothes from the latest drop. They didn’t ask me to write this blog, but I wanted to because I’m so impressed with the quality! 

We’ve had some bits and pieces from Piccalilly in the past, and I’ve always been impressed, so it was great to get some of the latest clothes. There are quite a few beautiful prints that have been released in this latest drop, including British Birds, Wild Woods, and mammoths, all of which are stunning with some really amazing attention to detail. I think my favourite print of them all is probably British Birds, mainly due to the amazing vibrant blue base colour. 

When it comes to the actual items of clothing themselves, the quality is phenomenal, and noticeably better than any other brands we tend to have in our wardrobes. This is a big selling point to me, as being able to pass clothes down to younger children of friends and family in such brilliant condition will help us in our bid to become a truly low waste household. 

Ever since our clothes arrived, we’ve been opting for Piccalilly almost all of the time – I now have a beautiful new adult wrap dress in the Wild Woods print, and my twins have a whole load of stuff to choose from, although my favourites have got to be the dresses and the hooded playsuits. As you’ll know if you you know us in real life or follow us on Instagram, I am a total sucker for matching family outfits, and thankfully our new Piccalilly togs indulge me in this, although I’m yet to get a photo of us all matching together!

When I first had a look at what was on offer from Piccalilly, I was cautious because of the price – items tend to be a little more than what I would typically pay. However, now that I’ve had some of my Piccalilly clothes for long enough to really put them through their paces, I can honestly say that they’re worth every penny. The quality alone makes them worth their weight in gold, but they’re also soft, beautiful, and ethically produced. 

If anyone is looking for a lovely new ethical brand of clothes that stock things for both children and adults, give Piccalilly a go!

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