Sending my twins to nursery 

Sending my twins to nursery 

When I was pregnant with my twins I had a look at childcare costs in my area and was horrified. It was so expensive to send two children to nursery that I pretty much gave up on the idea and resigned myself to being a 24/7 caregiver for my twins – a lovely job, but completely and utterly exhausting! I think I have touched on this before somewhere on my blog, but the reason I didn’t go back to my teaching job after maternity leave was because childcare costs would have amounted to £10 more every day than I actually earned – total madness!! I investigated childminders, nannies and au pairs, but honestly, it’s all expensive!

Fast forward eighteen months, and we found ourselves in a position where we could send the twins to a local nursery for one day a week, so we jumped at the opportunity. Having the chance to get a day to myself to get on with all the chores that had been neglected for the past year and a half, and dare I say it, a bit of me time, was much needed. I was also thrilled at the prospect of the twins being able to socialise with people other than me! 

As they were born just three months before the first national lockdown in the UK, they hadn’t had the chance to go to baby groups, softplays, sensory sessions, family gatherings, and all the other things children usually have the chance to do. While we have had regular FaceTime sessions with friends and family since birth, and I try to set up various activities to explore every week, a nursery setting was always going to be much better at offering these things, which is why I didn’t hesitate when we had the chance to send them to nursery for a day a week. 

Now the twins are 25 months old, and we are in a position where we could potentially start sending them in for two days a week, which I’m very keen to do. I’ve seen a snapshot of the things they get up to at nursery, and it’s wonderful for them. Our nursery isn’t anything fancy, but there are always different seasonal activities set up, some sensory, some educational, and some just plain fun. They always have the chance to do some messy play, explore things with other children, and try new foods at meal times. When I go to pick them up at the end of the day, I always love hearing about all the new things they’ve experienced, and it fills me with joy!

While there is something truly special about being a stay at home mum, I’m incredibly grateful that we have had the opportunity to have some time at nursery as it’s been good for all of us. In my area, the twins will get free, government funded childcare when they turn three which will be a total game changer, but until then, I’m loving watching them thrive and enjoy nursery. If you are in a position where you can send your children to a childcare setting for even one day a week, I would encourage you to consider it!

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