It’s mid-October and I’ve taken the babies on several picnic lunches this week. It’s chilly, a bit muddy, and definitely not typical picnic weather. Am I a bit mad? Almost certainly. Is there method to my madness? Absolutely! 

There are two reasons I’ve been picnicking with such vigor. 

Firstly, the fresh air does us all a lot of good. Keep them inside for too long and the babies get restless and start causing havoc. As soon as I them out in the buggy, they alternate between quietly taking in their surroundings, and gently snoozing. Sometimes when we arrive at the chosen picnic location, both babies are sleeping which gives me some time to just breathe in the air, and relax until they wake up. We only have a tiny yard at home, so being able to have a bit of a crawl in our lovely local park is a big bonus. 

Secondly, I hate cleaning the floor after every meal. Food always ends up all over the place – it’s the only downside I’ve found to baby led weaning. Most days I just get on with the routine floor-cleaning, but there are times when packing up a picnic and our play mat just make life seem a million times easier! 

So there you have it! There are days when getting out is a heavy weight, and sometimes it’s too much to manage for me… but when we can, picnicking makes my days easier!

From a practical point of view, today we;

  • dressed in Frugi snuggle fleeces to keep warm
  • Sat on our Close Pop-In play mat (at least to begin with) to keep bums dry 
  • Ate homemade cheese and courgette muffins and tangerines, which is all nice easy finger food

(Frugi and Close are lovely ethical brands. I tend to buy most of our eco bits from Babipur who stock an impressive range of wonderful eco friendly bits)

Please let me know your mad twin hacks – I can’t possibly be the only twin mum to do slightly weird things to make life a bit easier!

Twin babies sitting on a picnic mat amongst the golden autumn leaves.

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