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The one simple thing every new parent needs

The one simple thing every new parent needs

It’s fairly widely known that parents of new babies and toddlers don’t get to drink hot drinks. If they miraculously have enough time to make one, it soon gets forgotten about and by the time it’s remembered, it’s cold. 

I don’t know how many cold cups of tea and coffee I’ve downed in an effort not to waste them, but honestly, nobody wants cold tea and coffee. 

Enter the flask! An amazingly simple and obvious solution, and yet I know very few parents who actually use one! Most people seem to limit their flask usage to outdoor pursuits and cold weather outings, but honestly, they’re perfect for new parents, especially if you’ve got a really good one. 

I found an old thermos flask at the back of the cupboard when my twinnies were a few months old and it made a difference right away. I made a drink in my flask, and then even if I could only manage a few sips now and again, my drink was still hot – it was truly delightful! 

Klean Kanteens

For Christmas 2020, I upgraded my household flask game. I invested in some Klean Kanteens and haven’t looked back since. 

With two toddlers roaming around, my main concern was making sure that any flask would be totally spill proof, and Klean Kanteens tick this box!

Now, my household has;

2x 20oz flasks – these hold 2 of my standard cups of tea and coffee so they’re perfect for lasting all morning. My husband and I use these a LOT

2x 16oz tumblers with straws – again, used on a daily basis for cold drinks. They have straws in so although they’re not totally spill proof, they’re close as the seal on them is brilliant. Much more practical than risking an open cup or glass with toddlers around! 

1x 12oz flask – fits one big cup of tea and coffee! 

1x 16oz flask – I’ve got the straw lid on this one so perfect for water throughout the day. 

Unlike other thermos flasks I’ve had, these keep drinks hot for such a long time! My husband makes himself a hot drink before bed ready for work in the morning, and it’s still hot when he gets up! 

Anyway, there you have it. Get all your new parent friends a flask, and if you want to get them a really nice one then get them a Klean Kanteen! 

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