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Twin Birthday Cake – The Most Political Decision you will Ever Make

Twin Birthday Cake – The Most Political Decision you will Ever Make

I always wanted to celebrate my twins’ first birthday with a cake – for me, eating cake is one of the greatest joys of a birthday! I started thinking about the all-important cake arrangements a few months in advance so I had plenty of time to get everything organised.

The first thing to think about, was how many cakes should I be getting?! My babies’ birthday is on the 29th October and my birthday is on the 30th, so I had to contemplate one, two, or even three cakes! I quickly decided that three cakes was utterly ridiculous and even I couldn’t justify that. Within the many twin communities I am part of online, the general consensus is that each twin should always be treated as an individual (which I agree with) and therefore always have individual cakes, if you’re doing cake. This topic comes up quite a lot, as people question the logic behind a baby having an entire cake to themselves, but apparently many twins look back on photographs and question why they had to share a cake…

After much deliberation on the twin politics associated with cake, I decided on one cake. Although I can bake, I tend to do so in a very stressed, angry manner, so decided to outsource this service! My favourite local(ish) bakery, Finch Bakery, create wonderful ‘half and half’ cakes that will surely avert future twin politics. An added bonus is that the bakery is actually owned and run by twins! I placed my order a few months in advance for a large, sticky toffee, ‘half and half’ cake that would have both babies’ names on. I figured this would work perfectly for all three birthdays – the babies could happily chomp on a few fistfuls of cake (and can look back on the photos in years to come without huge amounts of drama), and I can polish off the rest as my own birthday treat.

I had really hoped that we would be able to share some of our delicious cake with friends and family, but with Covid-19 still looming, and a second local lockdown impending, it wasn’t possible. I sent my mum some in the post, and cut up what was left after a few days to store in the freezer. I now have a freezer full of cake, which is the best thing to have a freezer full of, if you ask me.

Twin mamas – please tell me what you do for birthday cake!

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