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Lego land with the twins

Lego land with the twins

I have some really fond memories of Lego land from my childhood, so I decided to factor in a quick trip to Legoland with the twins on our way back up north after our summer in the south. 

When I first started looking at booking our trip, I was quite shocked at how much things cost! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but in the end it cost over £300 to stay in the Legoland hotel with a day in the park. I was able to reclaim about £20 on disability grounds, but it still seems very dear to me. Perhaps I am a bit stingy, and this isn’t actually too bad for a family of four – do let me know!

Our day in the park was good fun, and a lot of the park is exactly as I remember it. The twins were tall enough to go on plenty of rides, and they (mostly) enjoyed their experiences of the rides throughout the park. I think the highlight was probably when my husband took my son onto a little roller coaster that whizzed round a small circular track  at high speeds – my son repeatedly threw his arms in the air and squealed in absolute joy!

My daughter struggled a little bit with the queues we faced – they weren’t particularly long as we had chosen to visit on a week day during term time, but she didn’t understand why she had to stay still and got distressed quite quickly. 

I think my husband and I enjoyed ourselves just as much as the children, and we made some great memories. Chasing the twins around the tiny lego cities was brilliant, and watching them have new experiences was just lovely. The day was quite hot and sticky, and I was still tired from my London jaunt, so it was quite slow going, and we were very tired by the end of the day, but I think that was to be expected. 

We had chosen to stay in the Legoland Castle Hotel which is a swanky new hotel on site. The moment we stepped through the doors of the hotel, I was pleased with our decision. The theme of the hotel was very well done, and unsurprisingly, there were lego sculptures everywhere, and whole pools of lego to be enjoyed! Our room was wizard themed, had some lego sculptures dotted around, and looked great. I think the highlight was the little scavenger hunt that, when completed, gave us the code to the safe where there was a little present for the twins – a small pack of Duplo! 

It’s worth noting that the dining situation isn’t ideal if you’re staying the night on site. The restaurants on site close when the main park closes, and the only other options are the two hotel restaurants. These have notoriously terrible reviews and high prices, so we decided to swerve them and head into Windsor to find something else. Normally, I think grabbing a meal at the Windsor Nando’s, Zizzi, or Pizza Express is probably a good option, but on this occasion the town was absolutely full of well-wishers for the Queen so we had no hope of finding somewhere to park and eat.

Beyond the town, we struggled to find anywhere suitable to eat, but eventually happened upon a Harvester on the road towards Maidenhead. Definitely think carefully about where you want to eat before you visit! A breakfast was included in our hotel stay, so we headed to the restaurant to make the most of this. As reviews suggested, it wasn’t great – the food was neither hot nor tasty. Thankfully, we had some fruit and a box of cocopops which kept us going!

Overall, it was a really good trip, but we won’t be visiting again any time soon thanks to the high price of a visit! 


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