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What I’m getting my twin toddlers for Christmas

What I’m getting my twin toddlers for Christmas

It’s Christmas at the end of next week and I’ve seen loads of photos of what people have got their children for Christmas. I thought I’d add my purchases into the mix because what I’m doing seems to be a bit different from other parents!

Firstly, I’m not wrapping anything up for my twins. They’re two, and don’t yet understand the concept of unwrapping gifts. We had a go with an early gift from a family member; my daughter completely ignored it, and my son brought it to me to unwrap! Based on this, I’m not going to spend time wrapping their gifts, but am instead going to hide a few little things in their Christmas stockings for them to explore. I’ve got some new festive Lanke Kade figures and a couple of books to go in, but I’m also going to put in some favourite existing toys! Discovering what’s hiding  in the stocking is going to be the main event, not the toys themselves. 

The main gift this year is a Toniebox speaker. They’re very cool toddler friendly speakers if you’ve not heard of them before.  They work by standing little figures on top of the speaker – the speaker then recognises the chip in the figure and plays songs or stories that are stored on the chip.  My in-laws have got this for the twins, and I’ve got it out to set up. The plan is for the Toniebox to be set up downstairs on Christmas Day, and a few different Tonies (the compatible figures) to be displayed nearby! It’s going to be totally ready to go, explore, and play with, so there won’t be any waiting around on Christmas Day! 

I imagine some friends and family members will send some little wrapped up  gifts for the twins, so we can have another go at unwrapping too. 

My grand plan really, is to not waste money on things that won’t be appreciated, and to not overwhelm the twins! I would much rather they enjoy the experience of finding a few new things, and have fun with a couple of lovely gifts, rather than be inundated with loads and loads that probably won’t be played with!

Honestly, the gifts on Christmas Day aren’t the focus for us at all anyway. It’s much more about the little traditions, family time, music, food, and outings – all things that can be simple and inexpensive! This year, restrictions depending, we’re also hoping to get the twins to a crib service so they can start to learn about the nativity story. We never have a very religious Christmas, and it’s much more of a secular holiday in our household, but teaching my children about the Nativity is important to me as it’s my nod to past traditions, both familial and national! 

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