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When one twin is ill…

When one twin is ill…

I’m laying in bed next to my poorly toddler as he snoozes following an episode of projectile vomiting, presumably from a bug caught at nursery. In this moment of calm, I’m thankful that my husband and me are both at home, so we can each watch over a twin, but I’m reminded of the times when it was just me having to juggle a poorly toddler, and a well toddler!

This is one of those things that nobody warns you about, but if you have more than one toddler, the chances are, there will be times when they don’t get ill at the same time and you’ll be left to manage a spectacular juggling act. You’ll have one sick baby who needs cuddles, calpol, and lots of attention, and another that needs stimulation, activities, and lots of attention. It might feel impossible, but you’ll find a way to muddle through. 

I found ways to cope with these situations – making up a little sick bed in the living room so I could closely watch over both twins at the same time was always my first plan of action. Putting the TV on was always next on the agenda – no matter how much screen time we try to avoid normally, there is no denying that it makes life a little bit easier on a sick day. 

I have found that lowering standards of tidiness on these days helps a lot – just accept that your house will probably look like a bomb site by the end of the day, and worry about tidying when everyone is well again. Instead of investing time and energy into keeping things organised, focus on making sure everyone is comfortable and as content as possible – including yourself. 

Opt for easy freezer meals, rounds of toast, or tinned soup. Try and find some activities that your well child might be able to manage independently (I have a pile of books at the ready for these situations – both of my twins can spend ages sifting through books and examining the illustrations with no input from me). Keep everyone hydrated and make sure you monitor temperatures if you need to. I’ve previously found great comfort in ringing the local pharmacy to see if they can offer any advice for a poorly little one too – definitely something I’d recommend if you don’t think they’re ill enough to warrant a 111 call, but still want some reassurance! 


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