Why I’ll be visiting Denmark as soon as the world feels safe enough

Why I’ll be visiting Denmark as soon as the world feels safe enough

I love traveling, but haven’t had a chance to leave the UK recently, like most people, because of the pandemic. As things have started to return to a state of normality for some of us, I’ve started to think about the places I would like to visit with my twins – top of the list is Denmark. 

I’ve visited Denmark a few times and have always had a magical trip. The last time I went was with my husband in 2018, and we went during the October half term. On every day of our visit we remarked on how great it would be to share the wonders of this destination with our future children. 

We flew out to Copenhagen, drove out to Billund, and then came back to Copenhagen, stopping in all kinds of wonderful places throughout. The highlights of the visit for me were Egeskov Castle, and Copenhagen Aquarium

With our children, we would like to fly out directly to Billund, and our top attractions would be Egeskov Castle and Legoland, with small town visits and Danish countryside in between. As much as we loved the aquarium, we’ll be happy to forgo that until the twins are a bit older. Depending on travel restrictions and the general state of the world, we will fly out in either October 2021 or October 2022. Both Egeskov Castle and Legoland take Halloween incredibly seriously, so it’s a fantastic time to visit. 

Legoland Denmark is much like Legoland Windsor, but it seems that most UK Lego enthusiasts stay in England to get their building block fix, leaving the Danish counterpart comparatively empty! There’s an abundance of things for toddlers to see and do, and my husband and I had a blast as childless adults when we went together, so we know we’ll have a great time!

Egeskov Castle was never on our 2018 Denmark itinerary, but we ended up stopping there because I needed a loo stop! I’ve never been quite so thankful for my rubbish bladder capacity, because we ended up having one of the most magical experiences of my life. There were pumpkins quite literally everywhere you looked, along with various other insanely impressive Halloween decor. 

The castle is surrounded by extensive grounds that are chock a block with things to explore. I remember a hedge maze, museums, Halloween activities, beautiful gardens complete with giant hammocks, outdoor family games, and things like stilts. Despite all of this, the thing that really captured my heart was a big fire for cooking snobrød over! You could visit a little hut that would provide you (free of charge) with your dough on a stick, and then you’d go and find a spot on one of the long wooden benches next to some friendly Danes whilst you cooked your dough to perfection. 

We had so much fun exploring the exterior of the castle, that we didn’t have time to go inside, so I still have no idea what’s in there! Needless to say, I would love to go back and there’s lots that would be great fun for toddlers. 

Flying to Billund from Manchester is very straightforward for us, and a short flight. We would need a day for each of these attractions, and then another day or two to explore the locality and have some more authentic Danish experiences too. All in all, it should be a simple trip to plan and execute, although twin toddlers definitely have the potential to throw us some unexpected hurdles! 

If anyone has any travel suggestions then please leave a comment with them! 

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      Very cool post. I live in New Zealand so can’t really suggest any travel places where you are haha, but I have to say I did go to Denmark a few years ago and I LOVED it. It really is a great place with lovely people!

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