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3 ethical brands for coordinating kids’ clothes!

3 ethical brands for coordinating kids’ clothes!

I have twins. I was always going to get sucked into the temptation of dressing them in coordinating clothes, even though I was adamant that I wouldn’t in the early days. At 16 months old, I always have an eye out for matching bits and pieces, and there are some great ethical brands that make coordination easy!

  1. Duns

Scandi brand Duns is my favourite ethical brand by a long shot, because in addition to making beautiful children’s clothes, they make adult clothes in the same prints! This means that I regularly match my children and honestly, it makes me very happy! The prints are bright and the clothes are soft. 

Brand new Duns can be a bit pricey, but there’s almost always great quality second hand pieces floating around in the second hand Facebook groups so it’s easy to snag a bargain. I’ve been able to get hold of some beautiful outfits in sales too, so keep an eye out! 

  1. Frugi

Frugi was the gateway brand that led me into into the world of sustainable kids’ fashion. The colourful designs and fun prints are just irresistible, and there are usually several patterns and designs available in coordinating outfits. 

While Frugi don’t offer a huge range of adult clothing, there are always a couple of coordinating items if you want to get in on the fun too! 

  1. LGR

Little Green Radicals was a new brand to me until I popped a couple of pairs of little yellow shorts into a basket of sale bargains a few months ago. The shorts arrived, and they were such wonderful quality (and faitrade) that I immediately went to see what else the brand made! 

A few days ago I got my hands on some summer LGR clothes for the twinnies and to my delight, they had some fun coordinating pieces! I ended up getting a dress for my daughter, and dungarees for my son, all in a very beach appropriate seagull print – perfect for summer! 

As far as I can see, LGR are let to stock any mummy clothes, but one can hope! 

Seagulls from Little Green Radicals, and Frugi coats!

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