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Eco Deodorant- an easy eco swap

Eco Deodorant- an easy eco swap

I wanted to take a moment to talk about deodorant. Friends quite often ask me about what I use so I’m putting it down here! 

Deodorant was probably one of the first eco swaps I ever made, as I started using a greener alternative to supermarket and pharmacy deodorants and antiperspirants long before I had my twins. Most standard deodorants off the shelves are full of chemicals and use an awful lot of plastic packaging, which is what prompted me to make the switch. Having done so, I’ve never looked back! 

If you’re looking for something that’s similar to the usual drug store favourites, then there are some brilliant plastic free push up options. I love Earth Conscious as a brand, and they have some great push up deodorants in cardboard packaging. You just rub it under your arms like any other deodorant and you’re good to go. It’s a bit like a balm, and the warmer it gets, the softer and easier to use it is. I’ve been using the lemon and rosemary scent which is just gorgeous. It actually reminds me of roast potatoes, which I think is great, but if that’s not your jam then there are loads of other scents to choose from as well as a scent-free option! 

The Earth Conscious range lasts me all day without having to reapply, but it’s probably worth noting that I go out for a daily walk but other than that I don’t lead a particularly fast paced lifestyle, so it might be different for other people! 

If you’re looking to try something totally different, then get a Biork stick. I’ve written about these before, but basically it’s a crystal that you rub under your arms and it just magically works. They come in cork packaging and there’s no plastic anywhere to be seen, but this is definitely the most earth friendly deodorant I’ve ever seen! 

Again, it works absolutely fine for me with just one morning application, but if you’re very active, it might work differently and you might need an extra application. 

These are the two options I always go for, but you can also get naked deodorant bars, and pots of deodorant balm, so have a look into those too if you want to try something different! 

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