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3 things that have made parenting toddler twins in a pandemic easier

3 things that have made parenting toddler twins in a pandemic easier

When I had my twins fifteen months ago, I had no idea what the next year and a bit would hold in store for me. What I assumed would be a time full of family and friends, has been the opposite! Like many others, the pandemic meant that at just five months into motherhood I was stripped of my physical support network and was thrown in at the deep end. Generally, things have been okay, but there is no hiding my exhaustion, and I have bad days. 

Here are three things that have helped me through the past three lockdowns while parenting twin toddlers.

1. Organisation

I’ve written about organisation being the key to success before, but I can’t emphasise how much of a difference it makes. After I put the twins to bed, I spend an hour having a little tidy up and prepping food and nappies for the next day. Just making sure there are meals in the fridge ready to pop in the oven, and ready prepared cloth nappies means that I don’t have to worry about preparing anything at all during the day time. It takes the pressure off me, and allows more time to play with my children rather than faffing around trying to sort chores. 

2. Daily fresh air

This one can be really hard. I struggle a lot with getting everyone dressed and ready to go out, it’s a pretty mammoth task, and sometimes I’ve tired myself out wresting coats and shoes onto everyone before we’re even out of the front door! BUT, it’s worth it. Being able to strap the twins into the buggy and just walk around the park means they can enjoy the fresh air and change of scenery, and I can unwind knowing the babies are safe and I can just walk and think, or chat to a friend on the phone.

3. A REALLY engaging toy – the Triclimb 

Having an engaging toy that is capable of burning off some energy for the twins has been a complete game changer for us. When the weather is rubbish we can still have plenty of exercise inside and both twins can play together. For us, this toy comes in the form of a Triclimb which is a kind of pikler triangle climbing frame. 

When I first saw Triclimbs advertised, I was put off by the price tag, but as we entered the first National lockdown, I decided that the investment would be worth it. Now, we are in our third national lockdown and the Triclimb has been used every single day since it arrived. Over the months it had helped the twins learn how to sit, stand, balance, and climb. I see a lot of people posting ingenious ways to play with them online and it’s interesting to see them used by both babies and older children! 

A couple of months ago, my mum very kindly got us a Miri, which is the slide attachment for the Triclimb. We now have a fantastic little playground set up right here in our front room, and it really helps to burn off energy! 

The best thing about it all for me, is that it all folds down and tucks behind the sofa which is brilliant for my tiny house!! 

So that’s it, three things that have helped me with twin toddlers during lockdown. Please share any ideas or tips that you’ve found useful! 

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