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Eco Living Shampoo Review

Eco Living Shampoo Review

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, but I’ve been given the exciting opportunity to be a Babipur buddy! As part of this scheme, Babipur sent me a bar of the brand new Ecoliving shampoo to try out. 

While I did an Instagram ad post on this, I’m under no obligation to write this review, but wanted to do so as I really rate the shampoo! 

I’ve had a really turbulent relationship with solid shampoo. While I’ve always loved the idea in principle, I’ve never actually managed to find a bar that’s worked for me. I remember having high hopes for the shampoo bars from the high street’s much loved ethical soap shop, but alas, they left my hair either dry, greasy, or a weird combination of both. 

When Babipur sent me this bar from Ecoliving, I was keen to have another go, and I haven’t been disappointed. 

First off, the bar is bigger than I’d expected and is going to last me ages. It’s totally plastic free and vegan too which is another win for me!

The bar lathers up amazingly well and smells fantastic (I’ve got the sea breeze scent). I’ve got very thick mid length natural hair, and in a couple of minutes I can get all my hair lathered up and rinsed, easy peasy! 

The best thing about the bar for me is undoubtedly the moisturising qualities that I’ve experienced – upon drying and brushing, my hair feels as though it’s been conditioned!

If you’re after a new, greener alternative to standard shampoo then I can’t recommend this Ecoliving shampoo bar highly enough! Babipur are currently stocking it in a range of scents so go and check it out! 

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