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4 Things to Consider if You Want to Start Using Cloth Nappies

4 Things to Consider if You Want to Start Using Cloth Nappies

Are you thinking about using cloth nappies?

Switching to cloth nappies, even part time, is a great environmental decision. I started using cloth when my twin babies were about three months old, and we haven’t looked back! Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking about making the swap;

  1. Nappy libraries are a thing!

Running up and down the UK, nappy libraries are places where you can go to get advice, see exactly how different kinds of cloth nappies work, and try before you buy! There are usually some starter packs available to rent so you can work out what works for you before you make an investment! Have a google to see where your nearest library is. 

2. Consider buying second hand. 

If you’re switching to cloth to be better to the planet, then you can go one better, and buy second hand cloth nappies. Washed and looked after correctly, cloth nappies won’t have any smells or stains, so there is absolutely no reason not to! About half of my nappy stash is pre-loved, and it makes me happy knowing I’ve given these pretty nappies a longer life. 

3. Don’t let the cost put you off – they will save you money in the long run!

I remember being shocked at the price of cloth nappies when I first made the switch from disposables. A new nappy from a good brand is probably between £10-£20, but you need to consider that most nappies are designed to work from birth to potty training. They are literally designed to last for years! As mentioned above, buying second hand is a good option too if you’re on a budget. Facebook is full of nappy selling groups and pages! 

4. Don’t pressure yourself. 

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of forcing yourself to dive straight into full time cloth nappies in the name of saving the planet. Some people can do this unphased, but I wasn’t one of those people. I started by using one cloth nappy a day, and then upped our usage from there as I grew in confidence with what I was doing. Now, we use full time cloth during the day and are occasional night cloth bums. If I’m feeling poorly, or am having a rough week, I don’t pressure myself into using cloth if I can’t face the laundry. I use a few more disposables than usual until I’m ready to face the laundry again. 

If you are interested in learning more about cloth nappies then you can find lots of basic information on my Instagram highlights. Although I’m not an authority on cloth nappies, I’m more than happy to try and answer questions, or point you to someone who can give you the answers!

In essence, I took things slowly and started with one cloth nappy per baby per day. I got to grips with it in my own time, and now it’s easy and I’d definitely encourage others to give it a go!

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