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Baby Wearing With Twins

Baby Wearing With Twins

I loved the idea of baby wearing long before I even fell pregnant; being so close and creating a close bond is just such a special thing to be able to do! 

When I found out I was expecting twins, I wasn’t deterred, but resigned myself to the fact that baby wearing might have to be limited to my husband and I wearing a baby each when he was with me. I bought two buckle carriers from a friend of my mum’s who had twins, and all was good. Some twin mamas use two separate slings to put one baby on their front, and another on their back, but that one was a bit much for me to get my head around! There are also ways of using wraps to carry two babies, although I didn’t realise this until my babies were enormous!

When my babies were a couple of months old, I discovered sling libraries; places where you can discuss your options with someone who is properly clued up about baby wearing! Typically people who run sling libraries will advise you on what’s available, and what might suit you best. You can then rent a sling to try out and take it back once you’re done with it – you can ask for help getting used to the mechanics of how your sling works and help with the fit too. 

After a quick google search, I found my nearest sling library, and to my absolute delight, they had a few different things that would work for twins, including a twin sling – a Twingo! I was able to discuss this sling with a very knowledgeable lady before going to pick it up. I paid a grand total of £20 for a month’s rental which was plenty of time for me to try it out. As my rental coincided with Covid, I picked the sling up with no contact, and we checked I was putting it on right through sending a series of photos! 

It took quite a lot more effort to get two babies strapped to me, in comparison to just the one, but I managed, with a little help from my husband! Walking around with both babies wasn’t nearly as difficult as I’d anticipated either!

After a month, I returned the sling (contactless again, thanks Covid). I was in two minds as to buy my own now that I’d tried the Twingo out, but in the end I decided not to. The pandemic has made going on adventures quite infrequent, and getting the sling on with two babies by myself was a bit of a struggle, although totally possible. I loved the sling, and if we get the chance to go somewhere I could make good use of it, then I think I’ll rent one again! 

There are so many wonderful ways to baby wear twins that I would thoroughly recommend any expectant twin mama to look up their local sling library and have a chat – there is a method for everyone and baby wearing twins is totally doable! 

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