A plus size bikini from Snag Tights!

A plus size bikini from Snag Tights!

I have loved Snag Tights for a long time now – if you’ve not come across them, they sell the most wonderful selection of sensible, fun, and even sexy tights and chub rub shorts, and everything is size inclusive. Having big thighs and bum, I often struggled to find tights that fit properly, so discovering Snag Tights was a real breath of fresh air. 

Not too long ago, they started branching out into clothes, offering size inclusive leggings, tshirts, and loungewear. I was super happy to see this, and remember reading somewhere that all of their patterns are cut on a size 24 body, then scaled up and down, and properly product tested. I’ve never come across another brand that does this, and was so happy to see Snag leading the way!

Dungarees and Pinafores from Snag Tights

When Snag started selling dungarees and pinafore dresses, I couldn’t resist and bought myself a pinafore. It’s comfy, goes with all my tshirts, and most importantly, it fits! Following my success with my pinafore and all the tights and chub rub shorts I’d got from Snag, I decided to treat myself to some of their newly launched swimwear and underwear. 

Underwear and Swimwear

Selling out fast, I was able to bag myself a hot pink bikini – something I would never usually go for as a plus size woman, but the plus size models on the product page looked so wonderful that they totally sold me. I popped a thong into my basket too – I’m forever getting frustrated at having VPL when wearing dresses, so thought I’d test it out. 

The verdict

Everything arrived and I was so happy I could have cried. It all fit, and it was all so comfy! I looked in the mirror and really didn’t mind what I saw either – having seen the plus size models on the Snag Tights website look so wonderful in their underwear and swimwear was really empowering and had a lasting impact on me. Generally, I am a body positive person – I completely fell in love with my body when I was pregnant with my twins and have grown to really love and appreciate it every day since then. However, a hot pink bikini is a new level of body confidence for me! 

I wore my bikini to the beach, and felt wonderful. I splashed around in the sea with my children and had a great time while being truly comfortable. I took a few photos and honestly, I love them. If there are any plus size ladies out there who are looking for some great underwear or swimwear that actually fits, I cannot recommend Snag Tights enough. 

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