An end of summer check in!

An end of summer check in!

It’s been a long time since I have written here so I think a post is long overdue! After a long summer away, we have returned home to West Yorkshire, and honestly, I am quite glad to be home. There is something about returning to your own bed, kitchen, and sofa that’s just quite comforting, isn’t there? 

Summer has been great, and it has been fantastic for the twins to spend an extended period of time with their grandma. It’s been lovely for me to be able to meet up with some of my old school friends too, and generally have a change of scenery. I think my favourite thing about staying with my mum down south is being so close to the sea – like so many other people, I always feel drawn to the sea, and being able to go for a paddle or a swim just melts my troubles away.

While we were away, both twins enjoyed having the extra space that my mum has, especially the outdoor space. Mum has a completely safe, enclosed garden where the twins can explore, run around, and generally roam to their hearts’ delight – it’s been good for them. Hours and hours have been spent outside in the sunshine and they’ve thrived. They have both made some really positive developmental leaps while we’ve been away too – a really pleasant surprise.

Work over summer has been interesting. I am now in a situation where I work three days a week for a lovely PR company in a social media manager capacity, and the rest of the working week is filled with my personal clients. At home, I have an office that I have set up to be a perfect working environment, but at my mum’s house, I don’t have the same designated work space. I set up a mini office, but it wasn’t the same which meant that getting ‘in the zone’ was quite hard at times! If we return for another extended period of time, I think I will have to rethink my work situation.

Despite having been away for a long time, I have nothing profound to report – it’s just been a lovely relaxed summer. The twins are now back at nursery, and I am enjoying having my office space back. I’m excited to see what this autumn will bring to our family!

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