Choosing to go away for Christmas

Choosing to go away for Christmas

After a little thought, I decided that it would be good to get away for Christmas next year. For many people, the magic of the Christmas season is largely dependent on other people, and while we’ve had a really lovely Christmas period this time around, there was some stress around some last minute changes of plans.

A sure fire way around this, and to make sure the festive period in 2023 is as magical as possible, is to go away somewhere really lovely. I will share more details of the location after the event, but I managed to find a very special wooden cabin in the UK that had availability on Christmas week. It’s somewhere with enough space for the children to run around and happily stim to their hearts’ content, and there are some wonderful grown up perks too. As a little family of four, the magic and tranquillity of our stay isn’t dependent on anyone but ourselves, and the location alone helps a great deal with that!

Of course, with ASD children there is plenty of scope for our plans to go totally awry, but I envision a beautiful stay. The owners of this stunning cabin put up a tree for Christmas, and there is a log burner. Every window boasts glorious views of the stunning countryside surrounding the property, and the biggest perk is probably the hot tub outside. I’m hoping that my husband and I will be able to make full use of this once the children are tucked up in bed each night. Sipping on a glass of something yummy under the stars sounds like absolute magic.

It’s almost a whole year away, but I am already excited. This brilliant location with the addition of a few small gifts and a couple of ‘ready to cook’ Christmas food items seem like the key to an idyllic Christmas away. 

Understandably, all this loveliness comes at a hefty cost, and I think this is the most expensive trip I have ever booked to date. I ummed and ahhed for a week before making the booking, as it’s maxed out my credit card. I will be paying this trip off over the next year or two, but in my eyes, it’s already worth it. The moment I booked it, I was overcome with happiness and excitement at the possibility of making some really wonderful core memories for the family. 

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