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Tony’s Chocolonely sent me some chocolate!

Tony’s Chocolonely sent me some chocolate!

If you’ve followed along for a while, you’ll probably know that I am a big chocolate fan. I often go on deep dives to look into the ethics of various chocolate companies, and love reading articles when other people do some research too (Ethical Consumer magazine have some great articles on ethical chocolate). I am a big fan of Tony’s Chocolonely and their mission – so much so that I have written about the company quite a lot on this very blog!

I persuaded the very lovely people at Tony’s UK HQ to add me to their press list, and as a result, today I received a little present through the post to celebrate the launch of some new bars of chocolate. I don’t think I have ever found a package delivery so exciting, and it really did feel like Christmas to me, so big thank you to Tony’s for bringing a thirty year old woman so much joy!

I opened up the package to find the two new bars of Tony’s, two wooden spoons, and a voucher for a tub of ice cream. Tony’s have collaborated with Ben and Jerry’s to create this new line of products and it’s good to see two companies that care about humanity getting together to create something wonderful and spread awareness of their causes. 

Tony’s are on a mission to eradicate slave labour from the chocolate industry, and Ben and Jerry’s take an equally moral standpoint when it comes to the production of their ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s are on my ethical radar for a very different reason, however. 

Several years ago, there was public outcry that Ben and Jerry’s ice cream was being sold in stolen Palestinian territories. After listening to the public, the company decided to take a look at their morals and politics and they stopped selling in these areas. While it’s sad that they were selling in these places to begin with, it’s admirable that they fixed the problem when so many other companies would rather ignore these issues. 

The new bars that have brought these two powerhouse companies of ethical confectionary together, are the dark milk brownie, and the white strawberry cheesecake flavours. So far, I have tried the white bar and it’s just as sweet and delicious as you can imagine. The new Ben and Jerry’s flavour ‘Chocolatey Love A-Fair’ is made with Tony’s chocolate and is available from all of the main UK supermarkets in dairy and non-dairy options. I can’t wait to get my hands on some!

I’m happy to see two companies that truly care come together for a collaboration like this. I hope that their good work is able to grow and expand, and that other companies are taking note and start to make their own, much-needed changes.

Thanks again to Tony’s for sending me chocolate through the post. This is in no way a sponsored blog, and Tony’s didn’t ask me to post about anything they sent me – I just really like talking about ethical chocolate!

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