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Cloth nappies and big babies

Cloth nappies and big babies

I’ve written a lot about cloth nappies on here before, and we are a cloth bum family, but recently I’ve come across yet another reason why they’re great. 

While cloth nappies are great for twins who are different sizes, I’ve come to the realisation that they’re also really good for big babies and toddlers! When I took a trip down south last month, I took some disposable nappies for ease on the journey. I quickly discovered that my daughter really didn’t fit into any disposable nappies apart from one supermarket brand that happens to manufacture a bigger size nappy than other companies. This, as you can imagine, was a pain. I didn’t have that particular supermarket near me where I was staying, and any regular sized nappies would result in leaks or sore looking legs where the fastenings were! 

Luckily, I had a couple of cloth nappies with me, and I made a sale order of a few extra Baba & Boo nappies while I was away. Despite topping out the nappies when it comes to disposables, my daughter still comfortably fits into cloth. Cloth is my preference anyway, but now I know not to even bother getting her any disposables! 

This discovery got me thinking about what we’re going to do in the future. My daughter is 22 months old, so not yet two. I’m not sure potty training is in the near future for us, so I had a quick look to see what my options look like when our cloth nappies start getting too small. To my delight, bigger cloth nappies exist and will be perfect for us – the Grovia Big One nappies in particular caught my eye as the designs are beautiful. An added bonus is that they’re not much more expensive than regular size cloth nappies, so I’ll be popping one in my next Babipur order to check them out! 

If anyone can recommend cloth nappies for bigger toddlers then please leave a comment below! 

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