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Coffee Exfoliating Scrub Recipe

Coffee Exfoliating Scrub Recipe

I’ve been trying to perfect this for ages, and after many failed attempts at trying to follow various online recipes, I’ve come up with something that actually works for me. 

I use this coffee scrub twice a week for my body and face, and it’s a great exfoliator. It could potentially be a nice simple gift for someone too if they have a skin type you think it would work for!!

Trying to make a coffee scrub is the result of having an awful lot of used coffee grounds left over and trying to find something good to do with them. Some go into compost, some go straight onto my plants, and the rest go into this coffee exfoliating scrub. I’m pretty chuffed to be able to recycle household waste into my skincare routine!

So this is how you make it; Make sure your coffee grounds are completely dry, and then all you need to do is add equal parts of coffee, sugar, and melted coconut oil to a container and give it a good stir. That’s literally it. Wait until it solidifies then it’s ready to go!! It might loosen up again if you leave it somewhere warm, but it should work just the same.

A friend and I have been experimenting with this and we’ve tried adding soap and essential oils but we’ve concluded that keeping it simple is the answer. This combination really doesn’t need a scent as the combination of the coconut oil and coffee smells nice already! 

Obviously using coconut oil as a base means that this scrub is greasy – I’m guessing it wouldn’t work so well on oily skin because of this! On my combination skin I make sure to very thoroughly rinse off all the scrub before patting my skin dry with a towel to make sure I’m not left super oily. 

My husband has quite dry skin and he uses this scrub once a week too – he likes it and it seems to work quite well for him too! 

If anyone has other uses for used coffee grounds besides the ones I’ve mentioned here, I would LOVE to hear about them. We go through a lot of coffee so it’d be great to try to do something different with them. 

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