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An Eco Skincare Routine

An Eco Skincare Routine

My current face routine is so good that I thought it deserved a post! It only consists of 3 steps but my skin has never looked or felt better so clearly I’m doing something right! I’ve got combination skin so please bare that in mind as I don’t this would work for other skin types because of all the oil I use! 

I was my face with soap and water every morning, and this is my night time routine;


Firstly, I exfoliate my face a couple of times a week using my homemade recycled coffee scrub (recipe here). This step alone makes my skin feel super renewed and glowy!


Cleanse every night before bed! I usually do this straight out of the bath at the same time as cleaning my teeth. At this point it’s practically muscle memory for me. I used to use high street cleansers, but they often have lots of chemicals in them, and they usually come in plastic packaging too. I now use the Lamazuna cleanser for dry/combination skin which is a little tiny bar with no plastic packaging! 

The Lamazuna bar is ever so slightly abrasive which works wonders on my skin, especially when it’s tired. It smells lovely and lasts for much longer than you’d expect for such a little bar! In future I’d like to try the Beauty Kubes cleanser which is also a great eco alternative, but for now the Lamazuna is excellent. 


This is the most recent addition to my skincare routine – it’s the Lani Tropical Night Serum. I’d never even thought about using any extra potions on my face at night until I saw lots of rave reviews for this stuff. It’s more expensive than anything I would usually buy, but thought I’d push the boat out and treat myself. 

After weeks of use, I’m converted. The serum smells divine, the minute it takes to rub some into my face and neck feels like a miniature self-care spa moment every night, and my skin feels SO GOOD. At 28, I can honestly say I think my skin looks and feels better than it ever has before. 

I’m always happy to hear recommendations if anyone has any eco suggestions!

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