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Grimm’s Celebration Ring – The Joy of Seasonal Displays

Grimm’s Celebration Ring – The Joy of Seasonal Displays

When I first saw Grimm’s celebration rings, I really didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. However, the more I saw people online using them, the more I wanted to get my own and experiment!

It wasn’t long before I caved in and bought myself a 16 hole celebration ring and a few figures to go with it. I put it in the middle of my kitchen table and fashioned it into a seasonal display and talking point. I very quickly saw the appeal! 

Sometimes my display changes daily, and sometimes it’s a lot less frequent, but it’s always there on the table, looking pretty. If we’ve been out and seen squirrels in the park, I’ll put a squirrel figure on the ring – the same goes for birds and bees! I have a little vase that slots into the holes and is perfect for holding dandelions, daisies, and flowers from our garden in summer. I have little picture holders that slot in, and I use these to display postcards from friends, celebration cards, and pictures of wildlife. 

What’s particularly great, is how versatile the celebration ring is. You can use the four pieces to form a circle, and put something in the middle, or you can form the pieces into a wavy line which is great if you have a long table or mantle piece. It’s also worth noting that while there are lots of gorgeous official Grimm’s figures available to use on the ring, nature bits from walks, wooden toys, and handcrafted things from small businesses work well too. Pretty much anything goes! 

My mum is a house parent in a boarding house of 8 – 13 year olds and they enjoy helping her change the things on her display to make it topical, and bringing things in to embellish it! 

At the moment, I change our celebration ring myself, swapping figures and toys on and off it, as well as finding flowers and wreaths to go in the middle, but as my toddlers get older, I’m excited for them to help me and have an input! 

There are lots of different variations of celebration rings, some are the traditional pieces that can be arranged into a ring, but there are also much smaller versions that only have a couple of holes – perfect for if you want to just test it out, or want to keep things small! 

I would love to hear about celebration ring ideas so please comment if you have one, or have a great idea for how to use one! 

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