Twin Pregnancy – stretch marks

Twin Pregnancy – stretch marks

Having been pregnant with pretty hefty twin babies, it was always likely that I’d come out the other side with stretch marks. Most pregnant women experience stretch marks, although the degree to which they appear differs wildly. If you’re expecting twins or multiples though, you’re probably not going to be able to avoid them! 

My stretch marks started appearing at about four months pregnant, and to begin with they were fairly small. The more pregnant I got, the bigger, faster, and deeper they appeared. By the end of my pregnancy, I would regularly wake up to find a new stretch mark, bloody and raw, as well as aggressively itchy! 

They appeared all around my pregnant tummy, but especially on the underside, where one of my twins had taken up residence. Like lots of pregnant women, I also got lots on the underside of my boobs and my hips!

Despite all the mainstream media telling me I should hate every mark on my body, I have loved every stretch mark since the moment it appeared. To me, each mark is a sign of the incredible things that my body is capable of doing. For this reason, I actively decided not to go down the route of creams, magic potions, and ‘Bio Oil’ to reduce scarring. 

My tummy, boobs, and hips are absolutely covered in scars from pregnancy, and to me, each one tells a glorious story. Over the past year and a bit, they have transformed from angry red gashes into silvery lightening bolt scars. I wear them with pride and can’t ever see myself doing anything to get rid of them. 

If you have stretch marks (from pregnancy or otherwise), then I urge you to see all the beauty in them. Don’t let the mainstream media tell you that you need to change your body in any way, and remember the stories that all your scars tell. 

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