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My Saviour, What Mummy Makes

My Saviour, What Mummy Makes

For the last six months, I’ve been home cooking my twin babies healthy, nutritious meals (with a baby ready meal thrown in here and there). I sit and eat with them at every meal, but at dinner time, I usually just have a snack and cook a proper dinner later. 

However, for the last two weeks, I just haven’t had the motivation to cook dinner for my husband or myself. I’ve been feeling a bit drained and come the evening, I just want to sit and do nothing and not have to worry about cooking.

What Mummy Makes – the book

My go-to cook book since starting our weaning journey (along with all the other mums in the UK) has been the What Mummy Makes book by Rebecca Wilson. It’s full of recipes that are freezable which means a couple of hours of batch cooking at the weekend will see me through a whole week! I have a freezer full of healthy savoury muffins and fritters, ready to be defrosted and enjoyed by all; I almost always have some of what the babies are eating to model, but also because it’s just really tasty! It turns out that the cheese and broccoli muffins are delicious dipped in tomato soup!

When I decided I wasn’t up for cooking separately for my husband and me a couple of weeks ago, it turns out it really wasn’t a big deal. The meals we cook for the babies from Rebecca’s book are designed for the whole family. All we’ve had to do is scale up the quantities and we’ve got a delicious adult dinner at no extra effort. Last night my husband made cheesy courgette pasta for everyone, and it was an absolute hit. Even better, the sauce is freezable so now I’ve got some squirreled away, and a really quick, no-effort meal up my sleeve for the future. 

Generally, I love to cook. I like experimenting with flavours and taking my time in the kitchen, which is why I’ve been cooking dinner once the babies are in bed. However, I’m more than happy to just sit down and eat whatever the babies are having from Rebecca’s book as the recipes truly are delicious and nutritious. For the past couple of weeks, it’s lifted a bit of a weight from my shoulders while still being able to serve amazing food to everyone. 

If you haven’t already, go and look at all of the delicious food ideas (suitable from 6m) on Rebecca’s Instagram page. She advises swaps to make recipes suitable for any intolerances and vegans too! 

Pinwheels from the What Mummy Makes book – these are a brilliant adult lunch too!

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