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Get started with cloth nappies in three easy steps!

Get started with cloth nappies in three easy steps!

I’ve written quite a bit about cloth nappies before, but I know how daunting it can be when making the first step. With that in mind, I’m writing this super easy beginner’s guide!

1. Choose a user friendly brand

Start simple. Two brands that I found to be brilliant for starting off (and beyond) are Bambino Mio, and Tots Bots. Both of these nappy brands offer all in one nappies that work in the same way as disposables! You can just pop the nappy straight on your little one and change when it starts to feel damp, or you can get yourself some nappy liners, and put one in the gusset to catch poop to make life a little bit easier!

2. Familiarise yourself with the laundry routine before you start

Read the labels on your nappies, check online for any additional advice, and make sure you’ve got the washing products you need. It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t work out what they need to do until they have a pile of stinky nappies!

All of my nappies are washed at 60 with detergent and a scoop of mineral bleach (the mineral bleach is totally optional but I find it keeps things super fresh). It’s important not to use fabric conditioner as that will stop the nappies being so absorbent!

Take it easy

You are under no obligation to go straight from full time disposables to full time cloth! With this in mind, if you’re having a rough day, or if you’ve had a poo explosion (it happens to the best of us), don’t pressure yourself into using cloth, just get back on it the next day! 

I’m happy to try and answer any cloth nappy questions – I’m not an expert, but I’ve been using cloth on my twins for a long time now, and am happy to try and help! 

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