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Sprout Pencils – the perfect gift

Sprout Pencils – the perfect gift

I never leave the house without a handful of pens and pencils, but I’ve become increasingly aware over the years of the waste that my stationery hoard produces. What happens when a cheap plastic biro runs out? How about those glittery gel pens, or the highlighters that have found a new home at the back of your desk drawer? 

While I still need to use pens sometimes, I have gradually been making the transition to using pencils more than pens when I’m just jotting down a few notes for myself. On the whole, pencils are a much better environmental choice, and since discovering Sprout Pencils, I’ve loved the switch. 

Sprout pencils have been around for a little while now, and various celebrities have endorsed them. I can confirm that they are great, and I also think they make wonderful gifts for literally anyone. Each pencil is topped with a seed capsule, meaning that when your pencil gets too small to use, you can just pop it in the ground and wait for it to sprout!

Sprout offer various different packs, but I was kindly sent the ‘spread the love’ edition, which came with five pencils, each with a different plantable topper. The toppers in this pack included forget me nots, carnations, thyme, sage, and daisies. Each pack contains seeds for different flowers and veggies, so have a look to see the different seeds that are available.

When it comes to gifting, these pencil packs are ideal for anyone and everyone. They are the perfect size to be a small gift, or a stocking filler. They are also a wonderful way of encouraging small changes around the house to be just a little bit more earth conscious!The seeds included are for plants that don’t require use amounts of maintenance, but will look pretty (or be delicious), so it doesn’t matter if your gift recipient has a green thumb or not. Another bonus is that these seeds can be grown indoors, so it doesn’t matter if your giftee doesn’t have a garden! I’ve already got a few packs ready to gift to loved ones at Christmas, and I’m excited to see what they grow!

If you fancy trying out a pack of Sprout pencils, you can find them, along with lots of information, on the Sprout website!

*Sprout very kindly sent me a sample pack of pencils but all thoughts and opinions are my own

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