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A Grown Up Meal at The Ivy Spinningfields

A Grown Up Meal at The Ivy Spinningfields

After a hard couple of days of parenting, my husband and I were very lucky to be able to enjoy a grown up meal out at The Ivy Spinningfields. Despite my frustration at Manchester for being inaccessible and not at all child friendly, there is no denying that it’s a great city for adults. We headed off to Spinningfields for a couple of hours and visited The Ivy for the first time in years. It’s a very hyped up venue, and the prices are higher than other options, but we had a great time. 

I think part of the reason our experience this week was so good, was because we had booked a table for the roof terrace at opening time which is 11:30am – long before the crowds arrive. Our service was quick, and we were able to enjoy our meal in peace and quiet – not something I’ve been able to say when I’ve visited in the evening! 

I booked a table on the roof terrace which always a novelty with its opening roof window and plants everywhere. The only menu available on the roof terrace at this time is the a la carte menu – annoyingly the breakfast menu is only available on the ground floor. Despite this, the menu was full of amazing choices and there were at least ten things that I would have happily sampled! Allergen, vegetarian, and vegan menus were all available on request. 

Food & Drink at The Ivy Spinningfields

In the end, I opted for the chargrilled halloumi and a side of creamed spinach. I really pushed the boat out and ordered myself a Bramble to drink – what a treat! 

Both food and drink arrived quickly and it was all was fantastic. Portion sizes are pretty small, but I was still full up by the time I finished. My husband ordered the burger, which he thoroughly enjoyed alongside a pink G&T. We both decided to indulge in a pudding and went for the chocolate bombe. 

When the bombe arrived, I was fascinated – it’s definitely something that feels worthy of a Michelin star restaurant on both novelty and flavour grounds. Our waiter poured hot salted caramel sauce over a chocolate shell to reveal a boule of ice cream inside. The whole thing was nestled on a bed of sweet foam – I have no idea what it was, but the best way I could possibly describe it was as ‘warm ice cream’. Yes, I know that sounds bonkers. 

After a few hours of enjoying our Ivy experience, we took our time leaving the venue. The décor is incredible, and there is a different theme on every floor. By taking your time to walk down the three flights of stairs, you can admire the fantastic wallpaper and pictures hanging along the stairwell. To complete your experience, don’t forget to stop to powder your nose in the bathroom. The bathrooms are an experience in themselves – at night, they are usually full of selfie queens making the most of the extravagant backdrop, but earlier in the day you’ll be able to take it all in without having to worry about getting in the background of someone’s photo! 

In all, we had a wonderful time and I would happily return, although not too soon for the sake of my bank balance! If you are ever in the area, I recommend a meal in The Ivy, but definitely earlier in the day to avoid the crowds! 

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