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Visiting the Suffolk Show

Visiting the Suffolk Show

This week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Suffolk Show for a day out with my sister and nieces. I’ve never been before, and had high hopes! I remember visiting the Kent County Show when I was much younger, and it was the same kind of thing – lots of agricultural stands and stalls mixed in with crafts, food, flowers, and music! 

When we arrived it was clear that it was going to be super busy, but despite this, it didn’t take us too long to get parked up and into the show. The warm weather and sunshine had brought people out in their droves, but the show seemed very well equipped and seemed to be dealing with the number of people very well. 

We walked round the various parts of the showground, although it was so big we definitely missed a lot out! The absolute highlight for me was the food – there were food stands everywhere and there was pretty much everything you could possibly imagine. Coffee and ice cream trucks were very frequent, and at one point there was a whole street of food trucks which was perfect for a lunch stop. The food felt a little pricey (£8 for a wrap), but ultimately it was worth it, and I had expected high prices so wasn’t too shocked! Throughout the day I enjoyed doughnuts, a hoisin duck and cucumber wrap, strawberries and cream, and a really big bag of cherries! There was also a food tent selling things to take home – we saw stands of homemade chocolate, condiments, pots and pans, knives, and loads more, but this tent was absolutely heaving with people which made it quite hard to actually move at times. 

We explored a cow shed where some prize cows, bulls, and calves were hanging out, and I saw the biggest bull I have seen in my entire life – I took a photo but it doesn’t do it justice at all! 

Throughout the day, various agricultural things were going on in the big show fields. I know nothing about farming and agricultural animals, but it was still good fun to stop and watch for a few minutes. 

Although I had a really great time, I was so glad that I didn’t have the twins with me! If it had been quiet, I think they would have loved it, but the number of people would have made things quite stressful.


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