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Twin Toddlers and Random Objects

Twin Toddlers and Random Objects

My twin toddlers’ favourite random objects

My twin toddlers aren’t short of toys, in fact, my house is jam-packed full of gorgeous toys! Sometimes, the twins like to indulge me and play with the ‘invitation to play’ set-ups that I create, but more often than not, they prefer to play with random objects. If anyone else has twin toddlers (or singletons for that matter), I’d love to know if they are the same!

The love for random objects is really strong with both twins, and there are certain things that they come back to time and time again; here are three of their top picks!

Random Object 1 – Rags

My daughter in particular absolutely loves rags. Instead of having to buy in lots of paper kitchen towel, I tend to just cut up old towels into rags. We probably have 50 old towel rags, and my daughter can’t get enough of them. She’ll carry them around the house with her, and even snuggle one when she goes to sleep. We’re quite lucky that she’s taken a shining to something that we have so many of – thankfully if one gets lost, we have plenty more!

Random Object 2 – Pens

Both of my twin toddlers have a thing about pens. I think they must like the feel of them in their hand, but they love to go around collecting all the pens in the house. If I leave one on the kitchen table, chances are, it’ll be snaffled away by a toddler within the hour.

Random Object 3 – Sticks

Whether it’s a stick that they’ve found outside, or the twiggy branches that you find in a pack of grapes, my twin toddlers love them. My son takes delight in waving them around and my daughter will sit and study them for hours. I quite often take this love of sticks and try to incorporate it into play. Sticks and little branches lend themselves quite nicely to nature play along side something like Grapat pieces! Add some pinecones and wax dipped leaves for a really nice nature-based set up!

Little girl in yellow raincoat studies a small stick in a garden

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