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Plus Size Friendly Period Pants

Plus Size Friendly Period Pants

I’ve talked about period pants a few times on my Instagram account recently, but thought I would pop my thoughts down here in a very quick blog too. 

I’ve been a keen user of menstrual cups for many years now, and am a big advocate of plastic free periods, but there are always period days where I just want the easiest possible option. As it turns out, that means period pants! As a plus size person, and in particular, a plus size person with a really big bum, I was hesitant to order any period pants when I first came across them. They seemed pricey, and I was sceptical that I’d be able to find any that fit. 

After a few years and reading countless fantastic reviews of a couple of brands in particular, I decided to take the plunge and order a pair. I started out with some WUKA high waisted heavy flow pants, and I was impressed from the moment they arrived. I loved the way they looked with the mesh side panels – so much nicer than what I had imagined! I get on quite well with the WUKA pants, but the biggest size I could find at the time of ordering comes up just a little bit snug on me. The absorbency, however, is great, and they are such a wonderfully easy option. When it comes to washing, I just stick them in with our cloth nappy washes, but they come with clear washing instructions if you’re not sure what to do. 

Not too long ago, lovely ethical shop Babipur started stocking a new brand of period pants that went up to slightly bigger sizes – the brand is called Hey Girls. Since I was pretty impressed with the WUKA pants and just wished they went up a little bigger, I decided to get a pair of high waisted ‘cherry’ pants from Hey Girls. Now, I love them and they make periods so much less hassle! They’re made from a really stretchy material and have a comfy waist band that’s perfect for my mum tum and big bum. Absorbency is fab and they come in both black and red – it’s the first time I’ve seen a choice of colours so that’s exciting! 

Size wise, I really hope to see a bigger range of sizes from other brands in future, but for now, if you’re a fat-bottomed girl, have a go with one of these two brands and see how you get on. I think they’re wonderful and haven’t looked back since trying them out!

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