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What to Put in an Eco Gift Hamper

What to Put in an Eco Gift Hamper

For the first time since I truly got stuck into my eco journey, I was invited to celebrate a friend’s birthday in her garden. National lockdown restrictions have meant that up until now, birthday parties and gatherings were off the table, so I had resorted to having gifts sent directly to recipients for ease. This time though, I had a great opportunity to put together a little gift hamper for my friend, and I was determined to make it eco friendly! 

I decided to put together a few of my favorite eco products and chocolate, along with a note explaining that I was on a green living mission, and trying to spread the eco love! Here’s what went into the hamper;

Coconut scourers 

This is possibly the weirdest gift I’ve ever given, but this friend of mine is a bit of a foodie and I explained in a note that coconut scourers are fantastic for cleaning pots and pans. 

Reusable Klean Kanteen straws

I think a lot of households have reusable straws now, but it’s one of those things that you probably can’t have too many of so I thought this was a good gift. Personally, I think the Klean Kanteen straws are the best ones out there because of the detachable silicone tips! I’d definitely be happy if someone got me some! 

Shower Block

These solid shower gel blocks had such amazing reviews that I bought a few for friends. Since then, Babipur kindly gifted me one which I’ve since tried and it’s pretty awesome. When wet, the outer layer of the bar becomes a bit gooey and gel like, so it’s really similar to a bottled gel, but without the plastic! These smell amazing, and in this case, the grapefruit and mint bar I gifted made the whole gift smell delicious. 

Eco chocolate

I felt that I should put a slightly more customary gift in with all the random items, so I popped in some small bars of Tony’s, and a Cocoa Loco hot chocolate stirrer spoon –  both lovely eco brands that I’ve written about here if you want to find out more. 

Home made exfoliating scrub

After perfecting the recipe for my coffee exfoliating scrub, I want to spread it far and wide so everyone knows how easy it is to exfoliate without any micro plastics or nasty chemicals! 

I put all of the gifts in a recycled box that I’d filled with shredded recycled paper. I then taped the whole thing up with paper tape – I think it was an excellent effort for my first real eco gift! Luckily, my lovely friend seemed to appreciate the gesture and didn’t think it was too weird!! 

I’ve got another little gathering coming up so I have put together a similar selection of goodies. I’ve also added a Grimm’s mini rainbow and Lange Kade butterfly for her little girl. 

What would you put in an eco gift? More to the point, what would you like to receive in one!? 

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