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Low Waste Goodies from Babipur

Low Waste Goodies from Babipur

 In anticipation of Plastic Free July, Babipur asked me if I wanted to have a look at some low waste products that they stock, and talk about them on Instagram – of course I said yes! They didn’t ask me to blog about it, but the goodies I received were wonderful so I wanted to write a few lines about them. 

1. Shower Block

As soon as I opened my package of goodies, I was hit by a glorious scent. It was coming from a  mint and grapefruit Shower Block, which is a new product stocked at Babipur. Despite being new on the shelves, Shower Blocks have already had rave reviews and a huge amount have been sold, so I hear! I’m yet to try mine, but very keen to see what all the fuss is about! 

It is a plastic free shower gel that looks like a regular bar of soap at a first glance. It is, however, much more exciting than a bar of soap, since apparently the outer layer turns into a gel when it gets wet! It definitely sounds fantastic, and I’ve already given some out to friends as gifts to spread the Shower Block love! There are a few different scents to try, and they all sound delightful. 

2. Tony’s Sweet Solution Bar

You may remember that a few month’s ago, Tony’s made a stir by making some chocolate bars in their usual ethical ways, but they made them to resemble popular chocolate bars marketed by other big (less ethical) chocolate companies. They created similar flavours and packaging to raise awareness, and the campaign did brilliantly.

At the time, there were only a few places you could get these bars, but they’ve now got snazzy new packets and have arrived at Babipur. I tried them all when they were first released and can confirm that they’re all delicious. Babipur sent me a milk caramel biscuit bar in this box of goodies, and needless to say it didn’t last long! 

I wrote about ethical chocolate earlier this month, if you want to learn a bit more.

3. Skosh cleaning spray 

Have you ever really thought about your household cleaning sprays? I hadn’t really considered the fact that most cleaning sprays are 95% water, so we are paying to transport water around which is both really pointless, and not environmentally friendly when it’s readily available at home! 

Skosh have countered this unnecessary water transport by creating non-toxic cleaning tablets. You can simplyadd your own water to in order to create cleaning sprays. 

Babipur sent me a bathroom cleaner tablet in a bottle and I tried it straight away. It only took a minute or two to sort the tablet out by adding water, so it was a ready-to-go cleaning spray, and it was really easy! Once made up, the spray works like any other cleaning spray and is effective!

All of these goodies are perfect for reducing household waste and having a go at plastic free July. Big thank you to Babipur for sending them to me!

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