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5 things to take everywhere with you to help you on your eco journey!

5 things to take everywhere with you to help you on your eco journey!

I used to be someone who headed out into the world very unprepared, and then ended up buying what I needed when I was out, leading to lots of unnecessary single use plastic consumption. Now, I always have a good think before I leave the house about what I might possibly need, but these 5 things are my staple items!

  1. Turtle bags

There’s always a turtle bag or two in my handbag or changing bag – they save me from ever having to buy single use plastic bags! I’m always amazed at how much turtle bags can actually hold too, it’s a lot more than you’d think!

2. Refillable bottle / flask

In my youth, I’d never take a bottle out with me, get thirsty, and end up buying a drink in a single use container. Ever since discovering the absolute glory of Klean Kanteens, I’ve not had to buy a single use coffee cup or water bottle, and I’ve always got at least one with me. Today I went for a walk in the park and took two – one with a coffee in, and another with water! 

3. Eco lip balm

Lip balm is another one of those things that I’d never keep on me and just buy new ones – resulting in about a million plastic lip balm cases at the bottom of all my bags. I have now culminated them all into once place, and made sure there is one in every single one of my regularly used bags and coats so there’s no need to buy any more! Once I’ve finally used them all up, I’ll be buying a Zao lip balm as I love the fact that you can just by refills for the case without having to get a new case each time! 

4. A snack in a snack bag

It only takes a minute to put a snack in a snack bag, but it saves loads of unnecessary packaging!! Sometimes I just throw some fruit into my bag, but my snack bag is great for biscuits, nuts, rice cakes, and pretty much any other on the go snack! 

5. Reusable wipes 

It never seemed necessary before I had children, but now, I don’t know how I lived without wet wipes!!! I have some Close Parent wipes that I use for pretty much everything. I just keep a couple in my bag dry, then tip some water on them when I need to use them. After use they go in a tiny wet bag ready for the wash. No waste! 

(here’s me with my sea grass Turtle bag filled with these essentials!)

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