Why you should join TWINS TRUST if you’re a UK parent to multiples

Why you should join TWINS TRUST if you’re a UK parent to multiples

When a doctor told me to sign up to the Twins Trust (or Tamba, as it was called then), I was sceptical. I was about half way through my twin pregnancy, and I really couldn’t see how this group was going to help me, but I went home and signed up to pay my £2.80 monthly subscription nonetheless. 

Now, my babies are a year old, and my Twins Trust membership has been more valuable than I could ever have imagined! 

There are three main reasons I would recommend a membership to anyone expecting multiples;

  1. The Practical Information 

Apparently when you’re pregnant, there are lots of courses and talks you can attend to prepare you for your baby. However, twin mamas often totally miss out on this. Throughout my pregnancy, I was under consultant care and wasn’t seen by midwives, meaning I didn’t get the memo about all of the useful ‘how to look after a baby’ talks – I didn’t even know they existed until my sister asked me in my third trimester if I had been to any! 

Luckily, as soon as I joined the Twins Trust, I was connected to thousands of multiple parents willing to answer questions via the Facebook group, and loads of practical advice on the website. I found and attended a Twins Trust seminar fairly local to me, which covered some of the basic, multiple-specific basics, like how to sleep two or more babies, and how to tandem breastfeed – things I would have had no idea about! 

  1. The Magazine

Whenever the Twins Trust magazine comes through my door, I smile. Multiple Matters is a parenting magazine specifically created for parents of multiples. Personally, I love sitting down with a cup of (probably cold) coffee, and reading stories about families that have the same issues, joys, and baby paraphernalia as me. On the days when things seem the hardest, it really helps to have a flick through and remember that you’re not alone. 

  1. The Discounts

I use the discounts that come with the Twins Trust membership all the time. There are two ethical clothing and cloth nappy brands that I adore on the discount list – Frugi and Tots Bots. Both offer a generous 20% discount when your Twins Trust membership is proved. Although these two are my favourite brands on the discount list, there are over a hundred brands that offer a twin discount in this way. 

So, is a Twins Trust membership worth it? Yes, as a twin mummy, I really think it is!! 

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